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The Story of 'Flower Girls'

Truth be told: virtually everyone wishes to have been born with silver spoons in their mouths. But as life would have it, only very few can boast of such rare privileges. As a matter of fact, many of those who made it to the top, were not born by the 'rich and mighty.’

While many succumb to the fatal blows dealt to them by life one way or the other, there are those, I mean girls, who give life a good run for its money by sheer determination, the strength of character, and dint of hard work.

'Flower Girls' is inspired by the life journeys of girls who are thrown into adversity right from a very young age. Gingered somehow by debilitating setbacks, destabilizing developments, or disastrous events such as the death of one or both parents or guardians, abject poverty, and lack of access to concrete social support among others, they are left with no viable option but to dive straight into fending for themselves. In a graphic sense, as the saying goes, when life threw a lemon at them, they simply refused to despair but instead made lemonade out of it. This way, the dark and otherwise drowning situations they found themselves in did not deter them from blooming into beautiful, desirable flowers. In effect, this breed simply turn their trials into triumphs.

'Flower Girls' is created to celebrate girls who refuse to become commodities for the highest bidders, who resolutely resist the deceptively misleading temptation to be reduced to the status of trophies for some undeserving elements all in the name of trying to survive. Rather, they dare to be progressively transformed into a force to be reckoned with in society against all odds.

Above all, 'Flower Girls' ingeniously pays glowing tributes to ladies who admirably combine their beauty with brains and brawn.

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