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The Story of 'Delight'


Give or take, in whatever color, shape or size they manifest, women are largely an exciting lot, a bundle of delight, so to say.

Come to think of it, have you ever wondered how a world without women will be? Methinks it will be super boring, leaving everyone with barely an atom of pleasure.

Take it or leave it: most women have got game. In fact, many of them are game, and yes, they sure know how to play.

To be sure, I do not envy men at all. You ask me‘Why?’ Well, in a world filled with real smashers, and by this I mean natural beauties, not those enhanced or plastic stunners of all shades and shapes, it will take a damn lot of discipline and resoluteness to escape the temptation to become a “playboy” or a‘demon,’ whether of the Yoruba, Hausa, or of Igbo or other ethnic extraction, as they are called in my part of the world.

Permit me to digress a little here. Sometimes, I wonder why moderate plus sized women go through the rigor of downsizing except if this will add meaningful value to their health.

Let me make it plain: a chance encounter with a particular woman inspired this painting, if you were to meet her, you wouldn’t stress yourself to realize why it is most fitting to title it ‘Delight.’ Summarily, her backside, no, her entire back view is a virtual definition of gorgeousness, elegance and delight all rolled into one. I have a confession to make here: ‘if I were a man, I’m not sure I wouldn’t make a pass at her.’

Have you ever wondered about the human form in creation? In this painting, the artist in me explores and exploits the human form (or, should I rather say the woman form?) from the back view. As it turns out, just as the Sovereign Creator of the Universe looked back and said, ‘it was good,’ so was it a delight to the artist to have painted this piece.

‘Delight’ is a mixed media, multi-colored, abstract figurative contemporary painting. It is slightly textured sitting pretty on a hard board measuring 48’’ by 33’’ in size.

This piece was created to celebrate the beauty of the human form in women, especially as she gives all manner of delight to the world as she was created to do.

’Delight’ will give a romantic glow to the aesthetics of any space it is placed, be it in homes, offices or wherever.

What a delight to behold? Or what do you think?

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