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Meet Kike Greg'-Okubo

Kike' Greg-Okubo, who lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria, studied Creative Arts at the University of Lagos in 1992. Though essentially an Abstract Artist, her passion encompasses sculpture and other creatives too. Her approach to arts draws from a large dose of the inspirational, the observational and the experimental. She explores different forms of visual arts in her passionate desire to explore the inner pull for self-expression in-depth. Kike's expanded view of art is also informed by her program of studies at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, energizing her to be more daring with her contemporary paintings. To Kike, art is life: she paints almost everyday. For leisure she enjoys reading and gardening Aloe Vera.

How Grok Xpressions Unfolded

Way back in 2015, Mrs. Kikelomo Greg-Okubo (Kike’ for short) started to find the look and feel of the walls in her home somewhat boring and decided to do something about it. As an artist, she began to create paintings and other decorations and hung them all over her home.


Visitors were attracted to her beautiful paintings and started asking her to make some for their homes. Then they would come back and tell her about friends who had seen and fallen in love with her paintings at their homes. They would proceed to buy paintings to present as gifts for such fans too. And that’s not all. They started requesting to visit her home studio and once their requests were granted, they would come over and take photographs of works that caught their fancies and share with their friends, who will then place orders for the paintings, pay for them and have them picked up.

In 2019, Kike’ decided to open an online store to allow all her customers save themselves the trouble of coming to the home-based studio to search for what they liked. Now, everyone could lookup and shop for paintings to meet their interior design needs and have them delivered to their doorstep easily and conveniently. The website also seeks to build a vibrant and engaging community of passionate decorators by providing them a platform to share their love of art and decoration through the membership site.

With new features being released regularly for customers, Grok Xpressions continues to explore creative ways to meet their expanding interior design needs.

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My Creed

  • I believe in creating something beautiful out of almost nothing. A superbly aesthetic pleasure awaits you.

  • I believe in turning my observations, thoughts and ideas into unique original pieces. You will be excited.

  • I believe in being passionate about my art because the self-expression it affords is absolutely indescribable. You will be delighted.

  • I believe that in each of my creations, a part of me at a particular moment in time is revealed. It’s all about learning from the University of Life.

  • I believe a river of beautiful imaginations keeps flowing from within me, propelling me to always create. It will add value to you.

  • I believe that the intended and unintended meanings conveyed by abstract works is amazing. From my art, you will discover profound meanings.

  • I believe in the use of unusual materials. At the end, you get a unique blend of highly creative art.

  • I believe in the colorful, in beautiful environments. You just cannot wait to beautify your space with color.

  • I believe in experimenting with colors, textures and materials. You will be intrigued by the way these combine together to create masterpieces.



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