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The Story of 'From Ashes'

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

This piece of painting could also be named, 'Providence' because of the way it came into being. While on my way to get some stuff from a grocery store near my house not long ago, I saw some broken pieces of glass on the ground. I avoided them and passed by.

But as I was going, something told me I could make use of those broken glass pieces. What for? I asked myself. The thought persisted: it could be useful. So, I resolved that if they were still there on my way back, I will act on the thought. As I made my way back to the spot I had earlier seen them, lo and behold, they were still there no single piece that I had noticed was missing. I asked around if I could pack them, and the answer was: 'Yes.'

Without wasting any time, I packed the entire glass pieces and dashed straight to my studio. Now, I’ve only read about making art with broken glass; I’ve actually never put it into practice.

Being an experimentalist, I decided to work on the glass pieces, adding some other materials to them, and to my pleasant surprise, a beautiful mixed media abstract painting was born from the ashes of the broken glass pieces.

In the process of making this piece, some valuable lessons dawned on me. Firstly, we miss a lot of opportunities by not being sensitive. If I had dismissed the thought that I could do something with the broken glass, this piece would not have been made. Secondly, those who gave me the broken pieces thought they were no longer useful, hence nothing good could come out of them again. I began to think about life, and how many people out there feel rejected, broken, and emptied, thinking that nothing beautiful or meaningful could come out of their lives again. But I have good news for you, with Providence on your side coupled with practice and perseverance, beauty can still come out of your ashes. Last but not the least, I truly believe that the One who created the Heavens and the Earth holds the ace. If you can just look up to Him, He has solutions for you whatever your situation is. Just like the broken glass pieces were transformed into a beautiful painting, with hope and faith in God the canvas of your life can be painted on beautifully too.

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